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HERBALIFE for all health & beauty products. Call Julie 952893746 

CHIROPRACTOR Mogens Dahl, Danish Chiropractor,  Edificio Tres Coronas, bajo, calle Espronceda (behind Mercacentro) Fuengirola. Phone 952464137 . Fax 952664069 

HERBALIFE weight control and health products. For information telephone 952534 795 

CHIROPODIST Scholl trained Brenda Holman MTSA M. Inst. Ch. P. for professional foot care. Also reflexology ITEC. Registered 952475568 

Naturopathy HEALTH & BEAUTY
C/Nueva, 28 3 4
Telephone: 952216212
Fax: Fax
Mobile: Mobile

YOGA Nidra, an authentic therapeutic yoga, focuses on mind-power to free tensi ons, achieve awareness, meditate, and more. Personalized programmes. Pamela 9526 66564 

YOGA classes in Estepona and Sotogrande area. Private classes also given. Con tact Geeta 609762762, 956610296 

CLAIRVOYANCE. Tarot. Mediumship. Healing. Astrology. Psychology: Mystic Lunch/ Dinner Parties. Veronica: Irish Mystic. 629562847 

JAPANESE Shiatsu , treatments. Marbella. Telephone. 656668449 - 952776 217 

Reflexology. Aromatherapy. Sports injuries Reiki, Lymphatic drainage.C arol ITEC Marbella 952862822/653139558 

REFLEXOLOGY I.T.E.C., therapeutic . Shiatsu. Appointments. Christine Ha ghverdian 952460466- 666614081. Also home visits. 

Fully experience. . Therapeutic, anticellulitis, sports, anti-s tress. Qualified teacher.  School. 658318870